Enclosed NFL Network Remote Studio on Broadway

Out on the frigid production compounds and studio sets spread throughout New York City and northern New Jersey for Super Bowl week, the most prized possession is simply heat.  Filmwerks built NFL Network’s on-site studio set on Super Bowl Blvd. in Midtown Manhattan.

North Carolina-based power, climate control, and production-facility specialist Filmwerks has been the saving grace, providing approximately 360 kW of heat, which Filmwerks owner Mike Satrazemis cracks is enough to heat “about 500 houses.”

The company is assisting numerous broadcasters throughout the week with various facilities and power generators, but its chief partner this week is NFL Network. Filmwerks designed and constructed NFL Network’s studio structure currently up and operating just south of Times Square on Super Bowl Blvd. in Midtown Manhattan. The set includes 360 degrees of glass, which allows the network to shoot in pretty much any direction and have spectacular backgrounds.

“This means a tremendous amount to us,” says Satrazemis. “We’re kind of the little guys on the block. When you are a part of something like this with the NFL Network, it’s huge for our company. The NFL Network really gave us an opportunity to create what I think is an incredibly unique, first-class studio complex.”

Filmwerks also designed and built a mobile studio at Fan Plaza outside Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, and is providing generator power at the Prudential Center (home to Super Bowl Media Day), the Rose Theater in Manhattan (where numerous Super Bowl concerts are being held), and at each team’s hotel in Jersey City, NJ.

The company is also assisting with heat and generator power at the “50 Yard Lounge,” an event bringing together celebrity chefs, current and retired NFL players, and live music. Filmwerks is behind the 15,000+ sq. ft. of heated roof decks and tented plazas next to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

Article written by Brandon Costa in SVG Newsletter

http://www.sportsvideo.org/superbowl14/headlines/64722/ (Webpage no longer active)