Power Systems

We provide generators for all types of events, including concerts, sporting events, news, fashion shows, movie productions, and corporate events. Filmwerks has provided power to some of the largest and most-watched events in the country, such as:

Presidential Inaugurations

Super Bowls

NCAA Final Four Tournaments


NBA Finals

The PGA Tour

GMA Concert Series

ALL PACKAGES CAN BE RECONFIGURED TO PROPERLY SUIT ANY JOB OR FOOTPRINT! Contact us today to discuss a power plan for your upcoming event.

Cable + Distribution

Filmwerks offers large scale capabilities and specialized distribution equipment. Our cable and distribution can service events such as national conventions, RV shows, and music festivals. Small or large, we can provide you with almost any cable and distribution need as a stand-alone order, or in addition to other services Filmwerks offers.

Legacy World Touring

Filmwerks acquired Legacy Power Services in 2019 with the goal to better cater to clients on the west coast. Legacy is known for providing power to touring acts worldwide including Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, U2, Bon Jovi, Metallica, WWE, and many more.

Equipment Dimensions + Footprints

Tri-Pack Cargo Truck

  • 780kw Total – 400kw Redundant
  • H – 13’6″, W – 8’5″, L – 48′ (w/Tractor 70′)

500kw TV/Film Parallel Units up to 4X

  • 2 Megawatt total in parallel – 1 Megawatt redundant
  • Remote telemetry pre-fault system (warns operator and EIC of any change via cell phone)

Incremental Quad-Pack

  • 600kw Total – 45 kw Redundant – (4) 150kw
  • H – 13’6″, W – 8’5″, L – 48′ (w/Tractor 70′)

Twin Pack Cargo Truck

  • 350kw Total – 175kw Redundant
  • H – 13′, W – 8’5″, L – 48′ (w/Tractor 70′)

Twin Pack Cargo Truck Tour Package

  • 280kw Total – 140kw Redundant
  • H – 13′, W – 8’5″, L – 48′ (w/Tractor 70′)
  • Custom Tour Package complete with twin pack, bike rack, banners, lighting, mobile stage, set, and four large grills. (Mobile Stage dimensions 24′x20′)

Single or Twin Pack (Small Footprint)

  • 200kw Single – 400kw Total Twin – 200kw Redundant
  • H – 12′, W – 8’5″, L – 21’5″ (w/Tow 37′)

Tri-Pack Cargo Flatbed Truck

  • 600kw Total – 400kw Redundant
  • H – 13’6″, W – 8’5″, L – 36′