Filmwerks International has worked with the film industry for over 20 years providing temporary power, climate control, and site lighting. Our top of the line movie silent generators offer reliable and redundant temporary power. Whether our clients are on set or on location, Filmwerks can service them with the equipment and technicians they need. We handle the logistics so all our clients need to do is tell us when and where.

Cable – multiple lengths of each of the following:

  • 2/0 cable
  • 4/0 cable
  • 5 wire banded cable
  • 100 amp bates cable


  • 200 amp breakers
  • 400 amp breakers
  • 100 amp single phase GFCIs
  • 100 amp three phase GFCIs
  • 200 amp three phase GFCIs
  • 400 amp three phase GFCIs
  • 600 amp distribution boxes
  • Lunch boxes
250amp Three Phase GFI

250amp Three Phase GFI

100amp Single Phase GFI

100amp Single Phase GFI


  • 4K Balloon Lights
  • 3K Metal Halide Lights
  • ¼ blue and ½ blue color correction covers for above lights
  • Helium lights
  • 75kva Lightning strikes

On Set One Tree Hill



  • 10 ton vertical A/C units
  • 20 ton vertical A/C units
  • 25 ton vertical A/C units
  • 25 ton horizontal A/C units on trailer with or without generator
  • 15kw heaters
  • 60kw heaters
  • Ducting
  • Custom installation
20 ton

20 Ton Vertical


10 Ton Vertical

Overview Ft Lauderdale AC Units 2013

Custom Installation & Ducting


  • Giraffe Cranes
  • 48’ Grip Truck

giraffe ingiraffe out